Arbutus & East Van Competitive Auditions

May 23, 2018    

Arbutus and East Van


Thursday, June 14, 2018 at Dance Co Arbutus 

Our 2nd round of PLACEMENT AUDITIONS for Dance Co’s Demi-Competitive, Competitive, Intensive, Company & Pro Half-Day Programs for 2018/19 season are right around the corner. 

We are pleased to invite you to participate to determine which competition group will be the best fit for you next season!
Audition Schedule:

Pre-Primary/Primary – ages 5-8

Junior – ages 9-11

Intermediate – ages 12-14

Senior – ages 15+


Pre-Primary/Primary Ballet/Jazz/Tap – 4:15-5:15pm

Pre-Primary/Primary Hip Hop – 5:15-5:45pm

Pre-Primary/Primary Acro – 5:45-6:15pm


Junior Ballet/Jazz/Tap – 5:15-6:15pm

Junior Hip Hop – 6:15-6:45pm

Junior Acro – 4:45-5:15pm


Intermediate/Senior Ballet/Jazz – 6:15-7:00pm

Intermediate/Senior Hip Hop – 4:45-5:15pm

Intermediate/Senior Acro –  5:15-5:45pm

Please be available to attend the higher level audition should you be invited.

To sign-up for auditions, please register by clicking on the appropriate online form below:

New to Dance Co or Competition Groups – CLICK HERE
Returning Dance Co Competition Dancers – CLICK HERE


Any student wishing to dance at the Demi-Competitive, Competitive, Intensive, Company or Professional Half-Day levels for the 2018/2019 dance year MUST attend the auditions for placement.

Auditions are open to ALL students for the 2018/2019 season, including current Pro Half-Day, Company, Intensive, Competitive and Demi-Competitive dancers, as well as Recreational dancers and future students who are new to Dance Co.

At Dance Co, we believe in holding placement auditions each year for all of our new and returning students. Unlike an academic school, it is not as simple as moving up to the next grade. While all of our dancers are constantly growing and improving, each student progresses at their own pace. As such, we re-evaluate the placement of each child every year, in order to ensure their success.


Auditions are held in the form of a ‘master class’ at the Dance Co studio. Dancers are not required to prepare their own routines beforehand. Dancers will be asked to take class along with others of the same age, but perhaps different levels of dance ability. Classes will be taught by an instructor and may consist of barre work, centre work, traveling steps, learning short combinations, etc.

Auditions will be held for specific age groups, and for all dance disciplines within each age group. Dancers must attend the audition class for each discipline they are interested in dancing competitively in next year: Ballet/Jazz/Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop/Breakdance and Acro.

Dancers must attend the audition class for the age group listed below that matches the dancer’s age as of December 31st, 2018.

PRE-PRIMARY | 5-6 years
PRIMARY | 7-8 years
JUNIOR | 9-11 years
INTERMEDIATE | 12-14 years
SENIOR | 15-19 years

Dancers should arrive 30 minutes early to sign-in (they should have already submitted an audition form to pre-register) and receive their name tag. Please arrive on-time, prepared and in uniform with all shoes and be ready to dance!

Should the instructors wish to see dancers audition again with a different group, dancers should also be prepared to stay for the entire audition for their age group (ballet/jazz, tap, hip hop) and they should also be available for possible call backs.


For all auditions, hair should be up and off the face. Buns are required for Ballet.

Ballet: Black bodysuit, pink tights and ballet slippers.
Jazz: Black bodysuit, black jazz shorts, jazz shoes and dance paws.
Contemporary: Black bodysuit, black jazz shorts, jazz shoes and bare feet.
Tap: Black bodysuit or fitted dance top, black jazz shorts and tap shoes.
Hip Hop: Baggy sweat pants, loose comfortable top and clean non-marking indoor sneakers.
Acro: Black bodysuit or fitted dance top, black jazz shorts and bare feet.

*Current Dance Co students are expected to wear the standard Dance Co Uniform.


Each year, Dance Co offers a select number of bursary, scholarships and working scholarships to eligible students and families for the 2018/19 year. Application forms are available through the Dance Co office. Please submit your applications by June 1st, as opportunities are limited.


After the auditions, dancers will be contacted with their placement results, and possible offers of acceptance into the Demi-Competitive, Competitive, Intensive, Company or PHD Programs.

Registration for 2018/19 Competition level programs will begin June 6th. Please contact the Dance Co Office if you’d like to make an interview appointment with one of our instructors to discuss placement, dance goals, summer classes and/or solo, duo, trio submissions.

To secure a place in one of our dance programs, a deposit will be required and solo/duo/trios will also need to be registered for, if intended.

Prior to registering for one of these programs, dancers and their parents must agree to adhere to, and sign, a Dance Program Policy Contract (copies are available at the Dance Co office). The expectations of dancers are clearly laid out in this contract, and we take them very seriously. If you plan to register for one of our Demi-Competitive, Competitive, Intensive, Company or Pro Half-Day Programs, it is very important to note that March, April and May are all very intense months, as this is when most competitions and exams will occur.

All Dance Co Demi-Competitive, Competitive, Intensive, Company and Pro Half-Day dancers are expected to start their fall training with danceLab:

danceLab Dates
Demi-Competitive Dancers August 20 – August 24, 2018
Competitive Dancers August 27 – August 31, 2018
Company, Intensive & Pro Half-Day Dancers August 20 – August 31, 2018 (including Aug 25 & Aug 26)
Demi-Competitive ~ Pre-Primary, Primary, Junior, Intermediate, Senior

Commitment 2.5-4 hours per week
For dancers looking to take their training to the next level, or aiming to obtain a future place in a competitive program. The Demi-Competitive Program is a one-day-a-week program where dancers will study ballet, jazz and/or tap.

Competitive ~ Primary, Junior, Intermediate & Senior

Commitment 5-6 hours per week
These classes are designed for the more serious dance student. Students must love to perform and work hard; they must have self-motivation and a desire to excel, as the expectations are higher than those of a recreational class. Dancers will learn to succeed as a team while developing poise, discipline, respect, confidence, professionalism, strength, co-ordination and more.

The Competitive programs are based on 2 classes a week per discipline. The Ballet/Jazz Program will also have a compulsory Stage or Contemporary requirement. Competitive Hip Hop and Breakdance students are strongly urged to study both disciplines in conjunction with each other, in order to strengthen all aspects of each style. Students prepare for competitions in choreography classes and develop their skills in technique classes. Students must be able to handle a certain amount of pressure, as the expectations from the instructors are higher than those of students in Demi-Competitive classes.

Students will perform in the ‘Sneak Peek’ Pre-show in late Feb/early March and compete in two regional festivals in the spring. Competitive groups will also perform in Dance Co’s year end recital at the end of May. Competitive groups and solos may be eligible to present festival winning routines at our “Showcase 2019” honours performance.

Company & Intensive ~ Junior, Intermediate & Senior

Commitment 6-12 hours per week
Dance Co’s Company and Intensive classes provide an excellent base for our most serious and gifted students. This program is for the dancer aged 9-19 who truly loves to dance, wants to excel at a faster rate and loves to be on stage. Dancers in the Company and Intensive programs must have a desire to improve and excel, be prepared to have excellent attendance, be open to accepting and applying constructive criticism and corrections and they must practice outside of class.

Company members train multiple days a week, and can focus on Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Stage, and Contemporary and/or Tap, Hip Hop and Breakdance. Additional Acro, Body Conditioning, and Pointe classes will be offered to Company dancers on a supplementary basis where appropriate. Company members are urged to take all of their classes together to create a team spirit, which is integral to their ability to perform and excel as dancers. Dedication and commitment on the part of both the student and parent is crucial to this program’s success. Dancers in the Company and Intensive Programs are also offered the opportunity to attend workshops and conventions where they take class from international guest teachers. The dancers gain a great deal of stage experience, assisting the general ability to present oneself in life!

Company members will perform in Dance Co’s ‘Sneak Peek’ Pre-show in late Feb/early March, compete provincially at three festivals in March, April and May. Dancers in this program will do at least one out of town event and more may be added. Students at this level are expected to make every effort to attend all dance events with their group. Students and their families should prepare accordingly. Groups will also perform in Dance Co’s year end recital at the end of May. Groups may be eligible to present festival winning routines at our “Showcase 2019” honours performance.

Professional Half-Day Training Program ~ Intermediate & Senior

Commitment 15+ hours per week
Dance Co’s impeccable faculty provides a highly competitive Pro Half-Day Dance/Academic Program to gifted young dancers. In addition to advanced dance ability and natural talent, individuals participating in this extensive, all-embracing training program must possess a passion for, and dedication to, dance. This intense and demanding program requires full commitment from both the students, and also their families. All classes demand high levels of physical strength, technique and discipline.

The Pro Half-Day training program is eligible to grade 8-12 students, who are looking for a highly challenging educational training program that will allow for the balance of both dance instruction, and fulfillment of scholastic requirements, concurrently. The Pro Half-Day training program is open to students who are looking for a highly challenging educational training program that will allow for the balance of both dance instruction, and fulfillment of scholastic requirements, concurrently.  This intense program allows dancers to allocate additional hours during the school day to dance, and yet still meet their academic requirements.

Pro Half-Day Program dancers must have a tremendous desire to excel; as they will train 5 days a week, Monday to Friday with minor weekend involvement from time to time. Classes begin mid-day and are finished by early evening most days of the week. Dancers will train in wide rename of dance genres including Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Acro, Hip Hop, Improvisation, and Student Choreography. Additionally, dancers are required to participate in Dance Co’s Teacher-Training Program.

Dance Co offers the Pro Half-Day Program as an option to those dancers seriously considering a long term path in the creative world of dance. Dancers will be taught the foundation and tools to succeed in professional dance careers; but more importantly, dancers will be encouraged and inspired to learn, grow and flourish.