Kathy VanDereedt
Guest Instructor

Jazz, Stage, Contemporary

Kathy VanDereedt is a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer working out of New York City.  Originally from Annapolis, MD, she relocated to NYC in 2004 to further her classical and contemporary training, with a focus on the study of human anatomy and how it translates to movement as the basis for her training.  She has studied with some of New York’s top instructors and choreographers, including Calen Kurka, Chris Hale and Jack Hertzog, and was a recipient of the IAP Scholarship at Broadway Dance Center.  Kathy has performed numerous works for several companies, including noesis:KinetiCs, Bryn Cohn & Artists, BODYART, and :pushingprogress, and was a featured dance and company ballet director on the Nourish Through Movement Tour.  She also had the privilege of assisting and performing under Chris Hale for many years, being seen most recently in Hoot! and has also performed the works of Sidra Bell, Manuel Vignoulle, and Anna Vollmar, to name a few.  Kathy has done commercial events for companies such as Betsey Johnson and Sephora, was a dancer and aerialist in the production of In The Air, and most recently played the role of Veronica in the musical Saturday Night Fever for Royal Caribbean Productions.

As a teacher and choreographer, Kathy has taught at numerous studios, workshops, conventions, high schools, and colleges in the U.S. and Canada and is currently on faculty with “:pushingprogress a workshop,” introducing her to hundreds of new students each year.  She is also on faculty with their pre-professional 8 month NYC Contemporary Training Program and Kathy has also been a regular guest and substitute teacher at New York City’s Broadway Dance Center since 2008.  Her choreography has garnered numerous honours and awards at showcases and regional and national competitions, and her work as been selected four times to be performed at the National High School Dance Festival in Philadelphia.  With a focus in her training on the study of human anatomy and how it translates to technique and contemporary movement, Kathy relates these ideas in her teaching, as a means to help guide other dancers in understanding their instrument and explore deeper into their own individual artistry.

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