The Cecchetti Method

The Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet has been developed to educate and prepare dancers from their very first ballet class to the professional level company dancer. The Cecchetti Method and syllabus are uniquely effective as dancers are not only trained to dance at a very high level but educated, as well. The syllabus has been designed to be age and advancement specific with material that is appropriate for dancers growing bodies. The Cecchetti method also advocates natural turnout, based on a natural range of motion, rather than teaching dancers to force the turnout of their feet. Dancers are required to learn concepts and theories of movement in addition to rigorous technique. The syllabus provides building blocks that are constant from the lowest to the highest levels and assures that every type of ballet movement is mastered and included.


The Cecchetti Method is internationally recognized as the preeminent method of ballet pedagogy. Enrico Cecchetti was the first to develop and establish a teaching methodology with all movements and placements deeply rooted in the principles of anatomy. His method is extremely beneficial to all dancers as the Cecchetti base provides dancers with impeccable technique and enables them to embrace any choreographic style.


Here at Dance Co, our students are mentored by our esteemed Cecchetti trained and certified Ballet faculty. This method allows our students to attain control, understanding and enjoyment as they grow to become strong and intelligent dancers. We encourage our students to participate in the Cecchetti Examination process to assess their progress and level of proficiency and provide them with goals and tangible evidence of achievement that is recognized internationally.

Dance Co Faculty with Cecchetti Qualifications:

  • Kiyoko Makimura – Licentiate CSC-CICB
  • Anne-Marie Ludwig – Associate Diploma CSC-CICB
  • Anton Pasquarella – Associate CSC-CICB
  • Miyouki Jego – Associate CSC-CIBC, Working towards Associate Diploma
  • Milar Windsor-Menard – Advanced 2, Working towards Associate
  • Megan Green – Advanced 1, Working towards Associate
  • Lindsay Mackay – Advanced 1, Working towards Associate
  • Janelle Macfarlane – Advanced 1
  • Kylie Miller – Advanced 1
  • Alexia Smith – Advanced 1

Cecchetti Society of Canada Examinations

Graded examinations are scheduled, and qualified examiners are provided, for students across Canada. The purpose of these examinations is to give teachers and students specific goals to work toward and to maintain standards of development consistent with international standards.

There are five categories of Cecchetti examinations in Canada:

  1. Class Examinations (Primary, Standards 1-6 and Senior Certificate) Designed for children to develop enjoyment of movement and dance quality.
  2. Grade Examinations (Grades 1-6) Designed to be more technically demanding and to provide a solid artistic and technical base for advancement to higher levels.
  3. Major Examinations (Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2) Career oriented, with a high level of technique and artistry expected.
  4. Teacher Qualifying Examinations (Associate, Associate Diploma, Licentiate, Fellow) Successful completion of these examinations leads to qualification with the CSC, and is recognized by the CICB (Cecchetti International Classical Ballet).
  5. Other Cecchetti Awards (Enrico Cecchetti Diploma) A highly prestigious achievement, encompassing the full extent of the Cecchetti work.

 The BC Ministry of Education recognizes ballet exams taken at Dance Co as external courses, allowing students to earn credits toward high school graduation.