Demi-Competitive Division

About our Demi-Competitive Division

Dance Co’s Demi-Competitive division dancers have the opportunity to study ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, and/or contemporary. The Demi-Comp program is designed for students looking to explore competitive dance opportunities without the additional time commitment required for full competition programs. Dance Co offers Demi-Competitive training for Pre-Primary, Primary, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior age levels.

Mentored by our encouraging faculty, our Demi-Competitive students enjoy a fun class environment, while building a strong dance foundation. Demi-Competitive classes cover both technical training and choreography in each lesson.

Demi-Competitive dancers train 1-3 hours/week and perform at one competition/festival each year.

Pre-Competition Dress Rehearsal

Demi-Competitive dancers have the opportunity to practice performing their routines in a competition-like setting before hitting the stage for the first time! The Pre-Competition Dress Rehearsal takes place at Dance Co East Van in April. Attendance for the Pre-Competition Dress Rehearsal is required for all team members, as it is an important stepping stone from getting students from classroom to stage-ready.


Each year our Demi-Competitive dancers perform group dance routines in one dance competition in May. Dance competitions are beneficial performing opportunities for students. Our Demi-Competitive dancers will receive valuable feedback, awards and recognition, exposure to the greater dance community, and will enjoy bonding with their teammates and celebrating their success.

*Please keep in mind that attendance is required for all Demi-Competitive dancers at Dance Competition, as the Demi-Competitive pieces are presented as a team and the team can only succeed with all members present.


Dance Co’s year-end Recital performances occur at the Gateway Theatre in Richmond each May. This year-end show is highly-anticipated for Dance Co students, as it’s a representation of their hard work over the course of the season.

Demi-Competitive Division Auditions

Auditions for Dance Co’s Demi-Competitive program occur in May of each year, with additional opportunities for assessment and placement on a case-by-case basis.

Acceptance into the program is re-evaluated by audition on a yearly basis. These auditions allow our faculty to evaluate each dancer’s placement and determine where they will best learn and perform the following year.

If you are unable to attend these auditions, please register in one of our summer schools or weekly classes for evaluation. Be sure to note your audition request on the summer registration form.

For more details on Demi-Competitive division and requirements, please contact the Dance Co Office.