Intensive / Company Division

Thank you so much for all these wonderful years of dance. I’ve had such a blast here and Dance Co. is the one thing I’ll miss the most.  I’m always going to be wearing my jacket because Dance Co. will always be a part of me -Sally

About our Intensive/Company Division:

Mentored by our inspiring faculty, our Intensive and Company dancers master a breadth of styles and are well known as diverse and impeccably trained dancers. Intensive and Company dancers take all of their classes together, cultivating team spirit and trust, both of which are integral to their success as a team and their fulfillment of their combined goals.

Commitment and class hours are higher than the recreational and competitive division with additional performance and competition attendance required. Dancers who are invited through the audition process to train at this level, without exception, are all high achieving, hard working and motivated individuals. Training programs run from 6 hours a week for younger dancers to as many as 15 hours a week for older dancers, age and level dependent.

Company and Intensive dancers in our core programs study Ballet, Jazz, Stage and Lyrical with optional Contemporary, Acro, Tap and Hip Hop classes. Dancers may also choose to focus on Tap, Hip Hop, Acro or Breakdance.

Intermediate and Senior Intensive and Company dancers in our core programs take a minimum of three ballet, pointe and conditioning classes per week, a jazz master and contemporary technique in addition to their choreography classes. Company Tap, Acro, and Hip Hop classes are also available.

Our Intensive and Company dancers compete both regionally and at an out of town event each season, and as such, are required to travel to meet their competition schedule.  In past years members of our Intermediate and Senior Company trained and/or competed in Italy, New York, Seattle, San Antonio and Los Angeles. In each city our Company dancers took home scholarships for outstanding achievement, gold standings and overall high score awards.

Dance Co’s Company members start their training at danceLab the last two weeks of August each year, training with New York’s :pushing progress and other internationally acclaimed faculty from London, New York, Calgary and Toronto.

We encourage our dancers to maintain their training during the summer. In past summers members of our Company program have been invited to train at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Summer School, the National Ballet Summer School, the Alberta Ballet Summer School, the Ballet Austin Summer School, World Dance Movement in Italy, :pushing progress New York and the Joffrey Ballet Summer and Contemporary Summer Schools.

Auditions for our Intensive and Company programs occur in May of each year, with additional opportunities for assessment and placement on a case-by-case basis. Acceptance to the Competitive, Intensive and Company programs are by invitation only.  Acceptance into the program is re-evaluated by audition on a yearly basis.  These auditions allow our faculty to re-evaluate each dancer’s placement and determine where they will best learn and perform the following year.

Intensive/Company Division Perfomances:

Sneak Peek Performance 
Each year, Dance Co is proud to present a special “pre-show” in February. All of our Competitive, Intensive and Company groups as well as solo/duo/trio dance routines perform in this event. These special shows are a great opportunity for the dancers to perform their routines on stage for an audience prior to their competitions. It will allow time to get feedback from the performance and go back to the classroom to make any final changes and corrections prior to performing at the dance competitions. We think that this opportunity will be of great benefit for the dancers and lots of fun too!!

Dance Festivals & Competitions 
Each year our Competitive, Intensive and Company dancers perform group and solo/duo/trio dance routines in a number of dance festivals and competitions between February and May. Dance festivals and competitions are great performing opportunities for Dance Co students. They also serve as goals that the dancers may work towards and give dancers a sense of their standing among their peers. Attendance is mandatory. Festival and competition dates are tentative. The events may extend past what is advertised, however we will provide the finalized dates and times as soon as they are available to us.

Recital & Showcase
Dance Co’s year-end Recital performances occur at the Gateway Theatre in Richmond each May. In addition to Recital performances, Dance Co is pleased to present Showcase, a special honours performance of routines selected by Dance Co’s Director and faculty. Showcase details are released each spring.

Intensive and Company dancers also have many other performance opportunities throughout the year!